CCEMC makes $40MM available to support projects reducing GHG or enhancing sequestration from bio-sources

October 10, 2013

CALGARY, ALBERTA – The Climate Change and Emissions Management (CCEMC) Corporation is offering up to a total of $40 million in funding to support projects that use plants, animals and microbes to avoid or reduce greenhouse gases or to enhance carbon sequestration.

“Through the Biological GHG Management Program, the CCEMC has already taken the first steps to understand the opportunities that exist to sequester or reduce emissions from biological sources, ” said CCEMC Chair Eric Newell. “Now the CCEMC is reaching out to Alberta communities and around the world to seek out projects that draw on biological processes for ways to reduce or sequester greenhouse gas emissions in core sectors such as forestry, agriculture, municipalities and energy.” The announcement is being made today in Calgary at the Biological Solutions Forum. The event is hosted by the Biological GHG Management Program, which is delivered by Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions for the CCEMC.

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