North America hosts World Congress on Conservation Agriculture focused on sustainability and economics.

The 6th World Congress on Conservation Agriculture (WCCA) in Winnipeg, Manitoba, will promote the practical application of conservation practices to improve the sustainability of agriculture. This gathering of conservation-minded individuals from around the world will be held in North America for the first time in June 2014. The WCCA program highlights the latest developments in research, farmers’ success stories and the policy issues that confront governments and societies around the world. The Congress emphasizes innovations in conservation technology and sustainable practices, grower success stories and panel discussions. The interactive format focuses on three main themes.


The term Sustainable Intensification describes producing higher yields while lowering the amount of inputs required per unit. Recent changes in commodity prices have renewed the focus on efficient utilization of our economic and environmental resources.


Climate Resilient Systems are built to withstand challenging weather patterns that are constantly changing. While no crop can be completely weatherproof, changes in management and conservation practices can be made to improve the ability of crops to withstand unfavorable conditions.


Transferring technology and knowledge to farmers is essential in establishing sustainable practices as the standard in agriculture worldwide. To achieve this goal, sharing ideas for quick implementation of conservation agriculture is needed.

WCCA will showcase new sustainable innovations that can be implemented by the attendees on their own farms, to create exciting new research opportunities as a result of sharing and to help those who frame policy better understand how to successfully encourage the rapid adoption of conservation agriculture practices around the globe.

WCCA will welcome guests from around the world for an exciting and productive conference. Bringing the event to Winnipeg is the work of many volunteers from a host of conservation organizations over several years. The organizations formed a network called the Conservation Agriculture Systems Alliance (CASA), which is a communication network among conservation agriculture organizations that strengthens both individual efforts and the mutual goal of increasing conservation in agriculture. The formation of CASA was facilitated in 2007 by the Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC).

The WCCA effort relies on the volunteer efforts of participating organizations and individuals from producers, government agencies, academic institutions, private sector companies, non-government organizations and more. Commercial sponsors also play a significant role by providing expertise in their respective fields.

WCCA is a tremendous opportunity to show the world what benefits conservation agriculture can provide. It also is an opportunity to showcase the companies and organizations involved in conservation agriculture. Consider supporting the Congress and the good work happening in conservation agriculture.

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