Call for papers – Conference on Conservation Agriculture for Smallholders in Asia and Africa, 7-11 December, 2014.

The Regional Conference on Conservation Agriculture for Smallholders in Asia and Africa will be held in Mymensingh, Bangladesh from 7 to 11 December 2014. The conference website is available at The call for papers has gone out, with submission due by the 30 June 2014. The abstract style guide can be downloaded from We invite you to submit an abstract for this conference under the themes of:

  1. Machinery: Design and development of CA-based crop establishment and herbicides spraying machinery, implements and tools for smallholders;
  2. Weed management: Suitable integrated weed management options (chemical, mechanical, crop rotation and biological);
  3. Soil,waterandagronomicmanagementforCAonsmallholderfarms;
  4. Commercialisation, adoption and continuous improvement of CA-based


  5. PolicyandinstitutionalframeworkfortheadoptionofCA.

The conference organising committee would like to ask you to forward this call for abstracts to your network of contacts.

Keynote Speakers

The conference has been very fortunate to have the following speakers accept our invitation to present keynote papers. The main keynote speaker will be Dr Amir Kassan, with Prof Deidre Lemerle (Charles Sturt University, Australia), Dr Christian Thierfelder (CIMMYT, Zimbabwe), Dr Rafael Fuentes Llanillo (Inst of Agronomy Parana, Brazil), and Prof Peter Hobbs (Cornell University, USA) presenting the keynote papers for each theme.

Key Dates

At present the most important date is the 30th June 2014, the closing date for submission of abstract and closing date for early bird registrations.