$17.5 million in federal funds announced for Lake Erie water quality improvement

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) –

United States Senator Sherrod Brown and Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins held a press conference Friday morning to announce more than $17.5 million in funding aimed at reducing Lake Erie’s toxic algal bloom problems. The money will provide training and support to help farmers reduce the amount of phosphorus which runs off of their fields into Ohio, Michigan and Indiana waterways, and eventually into Lake Erie.

“We know that what happened last August with 500,000 people losing drinking water was because of under-investment in infrastructure, it was because of climate change, it was because of run-off,” said Sen. Brown. “[The bill] means farmers will be able to practice better conservation, make better conservation efforts and then use best practices with filter strips and crop cover and all of the things that farmers know how to do to protect drinking water.”

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