Your hosts

For the first time in history, the World Congress on Conservation Agriculture is coming to North America.

Bringing the event to Winnipeg is the work of many volunteers from a host of different, but like-minded conservation organizations. The organization is called CASA which stands for Conservation Agriculture Systems Alliance.

In 2007, CTIC facilitated the formation of CASA- a communication network among conservation agriculture organizations that strengthens not only individual efforts but also the shared goal of increasing conservation in agriculture.

Participating organizations and advisors share information, respond to questions from others quickly and with honesty, participate regularly in dialogue, alert others to relevant opportunities, events, and provide social and moral support. With ideas, insights and suggestions contributed by all, we will build a strong network of connected groups that exchange information, collaborate on events and projects, distribute common messages about the importance of conservation and speak with a strong voice about the need for support of conservation at all levels.

This effort relies on the volunteer efforts of the participating organizations and individuals whether they be from government, academic institutions, private sector companies, non-government organizations and farmers. The members of the committees can be found here.

We appreciate the contributions of all our volunteers without whom this effort would not be possible.